Critical Factors For Perfect Bathroom Vanity

The bathroom is always challenging when you want to make it look, alluring and contemporary. Because it is usually made in a confined space and will not be over-occupied or used. It is important to be precise and creative when it comes to bathroom designing. As bathroom tiles Seven Hills can be said as the soul of bathroom decoration and no bathroom seems complete with proper vanity as per bathroom dimensions. Some factors need a keen eye in designing bathroom vanity.


The Layout of bathroom vanity is the only defining factor which will make chosen vanity fit or misfit for your bathroom. As the layout of the bathroom will decide how much space it has to accommodate sink, cabinet or other storage areas if you need it. The layout must be decided considering the usage of the bathroom. If it’s a bathroom where the traffic will be high then vanity should be sufficient to carry all the bathroom accessories required. That’s why most people use the horizontal layout as it provides more space but more complex layout are also selected by people. Even sometimes bathroom size doesn’t allow you for bigger or horizontal vanity. Here you need to find sleek layout as per available space but that design should be accommodated enough for the things you need to fit in your bathroom.


The other important factor after the layout is the size of the best bathroom vanities in Sydney. Here you need to decide how many sinks you will be carrying in it. But most of the time, space constraints don’t allow you to get vanity for more than one sink but whenever space is available people opt for double sink or more if required.


Anything you choose, will not be perfect if it doesn’t have the right style. In the case of bathroom vanity, that what will be the color of the vanity, how many cabinets/drawers it should carry?

At the time of style selection, you have to consider which type of sinks you will be using as vanity design is proportional to sink design. As both have to be in harmony to make it perfect vanity. Then selection for the type of doors and mechanism of doors like sliding or pull type.


The Top of the vanity, this can be said as the face of your bathroom vanity. There is much material available for the countertop, for example, granite, marble, wood, glass, etc. The color of the countertop should be in match with the complete vanity style and it must also align with the sink used. The two important things to remember, are the durability and finishing of the countertop.